Mar. 17th, 2008

barush: (insomnia)
Yesterday I was in Ostrava at a Watcha Clan concert. It was fucking amazing! They're a French band, not really well-known but they seem to like Czech (hehe) as this was the second time I saw them. It was really worth the money and the terrible way there and back with my friend's boyfriend driving us (at one point I really thought he was gonna kill us).

This video is from a festival I was at last year. The concert yesterday was in the same place=)

I got home like around 1am, which was pretty good considering I was supposed to go to school. But then I woke up with a terrible migraine so no school for me today. But to be honest I'd rather be studying than spend the whole night throwing up. Oh well.

Now there are some guys installing furniture in my mother's bedroom and 'cause she's had to go shopping or smt I'm alone with them. Needless to say it's beyond awkward.


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