Apr. 12th, 2009

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Jesus fucking Christ, I'm fucking sick of history already. I'm at question 24 out of 28 but I guess I lost my sanity somewhere between questions 10 and 11, during the 100 years war. Really, I don't remember anything. And... they made me hate Middle East with passion, I can't remember what difference is between Fatah, Hamas or Hezbollah anymore, let alone what PLO means. Fucking wars, fucking terrorists. Really, why can't there be peace? 'Cause like that there'd be at least 50% of shit less to study. Ironically, the WWII is probably the only thing I really do remember. I spent my whole afternoon with communism, those lovely comrades Stalin, Kruschew, Gorbachev and a lot more. And guess what's next? Yup, Yugoslavia. I'm not gonna survive the next month, because when I'm just thinking about studying all this shit again for the oral exam I feel like running a bullet through my head. What a great idea to choose history for my finals, right? Right? And I haven't even started with Spanish yet.  

I need a coffee and House porn and a House epi. And then, then I'm gonna finish those 4 remaining questions and fucking forget all about history and hope I won't fuck it up too much on Wednesday.

Sorry if you get here, you can go back to whatever you've been doing before.

Oh and happy Easter! =) I'm obviously enjoying it.


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