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Okay, so the long anticipated Nick Cave concert post is here lol Sorry if I've made you expect something of this 'cause... it's gonna be random and interesting like only for me. Anyways, here it is=)
So, as you might know, I was there with my mother. I didn't think she liked Nick until she told me 'well, buy tickets and we'll go then' after I said Nick was to be in Prague. Needles to say, I was thrilled. Later on though, I realized she probably wanted to go there only because Nick is from Australia. My mother's probably-boyfriend has been living in Australia for like 30 years now. I guess you can put two and two together. Well, whatever, such an unimportant fact.

So when we got to the arena I realized it was much more awful than I remembered it from the first Linkin Park concert. Or maybe it's just fallen apart a bit during the 4 years. At times I was a bit afraid the ceiling would end up on hour heads but as you can see, we did survive in the end. The seats weren't as far from the podium as I though they would be so that was the first pleasant thing that happened after we entered the deteriorating building. Well, except for the t-shirt I bought=) To my great surprise, the dude sitting beside me was actually sleeping!  No kidding. When he woke up in the middle of the concert he offered me a cigarette though, which I had to refuse... My mother next to me, ew. 

And then it started. Don't wanna say the opening act was boring or anything, but...
Well, me and my mother had nothing better to do than behave like a pair of kindergarten kids during the poor dude's performance lol


  My good ol' Chucks=)

My good new Bad Seeds t-shirt yay (no, my boobs aren┬Ęt that big as they look in this pic.)

My mother looking like an idiot=)

*cough* *no comment*

And then the man came *swoons* They played DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!! first, totally awesome=) As the song ended Nick was like, 'Good evening, Prague! And... the area around... the surroundings... the... republic...' *pause* *frantic conversation among the band* 'The Czech Republic!' Needless to say I almost died of laughter lol Later though, we agreed with my mother that he was probably just trying to joke =))

Anyways, I was really surprised he was reading most of the lyrics from sheets he had on the stage. But none of us is getting younger, I get it lol You can see it in the Mercy Seat vid I took=) Speaking of the Mercy Seat, somebody in the first row was constantly demanding the song to be played so before they did Nick actually knelt before them and was like 'That's only for you!'

During the show, he kept saying what an awesome and unbelievable crowd we were lol I didn't believe him until I read in newspapers that they played like 3 more songs than had been originally planned=)

Right before one of the last songs, Nick came out of the backstage and said to someone in the first row, 'No, I'm not gonna jump you. You wouldn't like it, believe me. That's not gonna happen.' The concert was full of such comments that made me crack up haha Pity most of the people probably didn't understood them.

The best song of the night was probably Stagger Lee=) Overall, it was really an amazing experience, made me love Mr. Cave even more <33

I borrowed the camera from my friend and didn't somehow figure out how to use it properly so that's why the pics are so shitty.

Tupelo (really creepy)

And here are some vids I took=) If nothing, then red Right Hand is really worth watching for the awesomely changed lyrics at one point=)


Okay, so that's it. Thanx for your attention=)
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