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God, I hate my mother. She came here and saw me reading some fic and she was like "Oooh, you should study! You're always complaining how much you have to learn but instead you're reading some pointless shit." Yeah, she actually said that. And I wanted to just yell "Shut the fuck up, mother!!!" but I restrained myself. Barely. Because sure, I can get up and eat Ancient Greece for breakfast. Then I can brush my teeth with Absolutism and wash my face with right wing dictatorship. Then I'll put on 1848 revolutions and go read Persian Gulf and Afghanistan. French revolution for lunch and I'm all ready to watch Peace treaties on TV. Sure, why not. History is totally keeping me sane.

And my mother has no fucking clue about any of that but that doesn't stop her from wanting me to study 24/7. As if I can do that. I need some fucking distraction. God, I wish it was June already *sigh*

And sorry, I just needed to vent. Again.

Happy Easter! =) 'Cause today is the most important Easter day. Not that I'd celebrate it or anything.

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