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So finally, I have a few pics from the festival I've been to. Nothing mind blowing or anything lol Random, really.

The very first day. We were just chilling and weren't wet yet lol

The first day was kinda exhausting but still I managed to at least fake a grin smile.

Waiting for a tram. Looking like a retard. The funny thing was though that we thought that the public transport in the city was for free for the people from the fest, same as the last year. However, when we got home, we found out that it actually wasn't for free. Ahem.

I really like this pic, dunno why. People waiting for a concert.

My friend's fave singer, Bára Basiková. She was playing there with her band Precedens. Yeah, I'm posting it mainly for [personal profile] zimena lol

This was Lili Marlene. The same band but with a different singer. Dáša Součková this time.

And their duet=)

The Dandy Warhols. They were awesome and the singer was pretty hot lol Looked like Kurt Cobain a bit=)

I wouldn't be posting this if it wasn't so fucking hilarious *hides* But yay for our tent that survived all the storms!

Er... the bridge.

The bridge numero dos. Looking like a retard numero dos also.

'Kay, that's all folks lol See you the next time. Or something.

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