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Mar. 17th, 2009 07:07 pm
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Stolen from [ profile] zimena 

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

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So what did I do during the weekend? Right, nothing. Again. Okay, so I did do a few homeworks and made some notes but I didn't study history at all, the only chance I had to really look at it. I can't believe myself. 

Anyways. I've almost 2 pages of the Che!fic already, the process of writing it is very slow but I haven't abandoned it yet, go me. Also, I'm thinking about entering a writing contest, the requirements are to write a story of max. 1500 words and the prompt is 'change'. I already have some vague idea but if anyone has some stroke of genius and wants to share - go for it =)

On another note, I'm planning to go to Berlin in summer with my friend so if there's anyone from Berlin or anyone's planning to go there, let me know =) I'd love to meet some LJ friends in rl =)

I guess I'll go to bed now, school tomorrow *sadface*

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OMFG start writing the fucking essay!! *slaps herself*  I'm such a pathetic loser that it's not even funny anymore.

Other than that, my hands are freezing. But the rest of my body is kinda warm so that's just weird.

Also, I don't wanna fucking grow old. Never. Ever. No I'm not hoping to live forever, God forbid, I just don't wanna be old. I'll probably off myself when the first important organ/part of my body gives out, and that wouldn't have to take too long either. Because if I ever end up like my grandfather it will be much worse than dying young.

Now, I said it. And surely I'll be run over by a bus when I step outside the next. Because, you all know what happened to John Lennon, right? And he always said that growing old was the thing he feared the most in life.

Anyways, I need to sign up for the
CAE    exam till the 16th of this month and pay a shitload of money to that date too. Why, or why, is this exams so fucking expensive?! I'll laugh my ass off if I fail it or get a C (a B would be okay but an A is an A, you know?). The exam itself will be on March 14th so I've plenty of time to get worked up over it.

My hands are a bit warmer now, typing helps. Maybe I should start typing up the essay, just to warm my hands. I need little unimportant goals, because the word 'important' triggers something in my brain that immediately starts telling me 'read fan fiction, quick, quick!'. Unbelievable, really.

So, I'm gonna warm up my hands.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 11:08 pm
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I've updated my [profile] 25_lovers fic table with what probably is my first and last drabble that features Joe Hahn as one of the main characters. It was written in like 5 minutes probably ten minutes ago, meaning in a semi-conscious state. Don't read, move on.

I'm probably going to bed. *gasp* I know, I know, just a littler after 11pm? I'm getting old.

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I've been just listening to The Scientist by Coldplay and it's literally made me cry. I'm probably turning into a sap as songs never make me cry. Well not anymore it seems. Oh well.

Other than that, I've realized I totally don't get maths. At all. Usually I understand at least smt to get at least 3 from a test (1 is the best, 5 the worst, for the ones who dunno), but not this time around. Nada. Equation of a circle, who the Hell needs that anyway? God, I hate maths.

I'll probably give up on it and try to write. I've been stupid enough to promise another fic so I'd better make it at least readable.


Oct. 26th, 2008 11:56 am
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So, I've updated my [profile] 25_lovers  table with a shit!fic. The prompt was 'betrayal' and I used Brad Delson as the second character.

It really does suck more than usually though so just ignore this.

Other than that, I'm doing nothing as usually. I think I might make notes for one of the questions for our final exam from Spanish but then again, I'm so lazy that it probably won't happen anyway.

I guess reading House fics is more likely to happen. Ahem.

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I know I haven't been updating much lately. Don't have any other excuse but my laziness and House addiction. But it's not like anybody cares, so...

Anyways, Prague wasn't that good. It had its good and bad parts but the over all feeling of the trip was rather crap. We saw two theater plays, which was kinda the whole point of the Prague trip, but that didn't make it any better. The first play was pretty good actually (Supermale by Alfred Jarry), but I was so sick that I wasn't able to enjoy it at all. And Mandragora by Machiavelli was just terrible. So the best parts of the trip, at least for me, were the moments spent with one of our teachers (Glos, for the ones who know him.) It just reminded me how much I miss the lessons with him since we don't have Czech anymore this year=/

School is just crap. I cannot bring myself to the whole studying thing so my results are just bad so far. Too many seminars for my liking and too many subjects I'll never ever need. But yeah, it's the last year so I guess I could at least try to enjoy it somehow. Also, I've realized that I'll need to work a lot on my English and Spanish in order to get at least to some uni, ew.

Also, it's been over a month now sice I heard from my father for the last time. I'm not gonna contact him though so I'll see how it'll go on. Frankly, I don't care.

I haven't been feeling good at all the past weeks probably. Dunno if it's just my imagination going into overdrive or if there's smt wrong. I have the flu now though so at least I have smt to blame my general sickness on. Tomorrow I'm gonna have my wisdom tooth pulled out. Ouch. Hopefully it won't be too bad, eh.

Since the LP fic exchange fic of doom that I've written I've been feeling like writing a lot. I have ideas for both [ profile] 25_lovers  and 
[profile] graffitidec_fic  so I'll see what happens.

Oh and I've made a significant progress. I've transferred the Bradford pics from my mother's laptop to my comp so maybe I'll finally post them here, when I'm extremely bored.

Okay, back to reading House fic and watching utube clips of.... House. Yeah, I know, stfu.


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There are times when I adore my mother, seriously.

So I'm sitting here, listening to Johny Cash's cover of Nick Cave's The Mercy Seat and looking at some pics of Chester (LP) from a Ve'Cel photo shoot. And my mother comes in...

Mom: Is that Johny Cash?
Me: Yeah, but the song is by -
Mom: Nick, I know.
Me: How do you know?
Mom: *ignoring the question and pointing at Chester's crotch* Is that his penis?
Me: Er, guess so.
Mom: Dude, what a huge cock!
Me: *mouth hangs open*
Mom: Lunch will be in a minute. *leaves*

Really, it was rather surreal lmao

On another note, I need to finish this!!!!! God, this fic sucks more than anything I've ever written and it's not even done yet. And I can't think of a decent ending! *weeps*

Edit: This is the first time I need an actual help with a fic and nobody's here right now. Good times.


Sep. 11th, 2008 08:01 pm
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I should probably write but I'm so tired, God. I feel sorry for the person who'll get my LPFE fic =/

Have been to the hairdresser today, he's so cute! I mean, he's always been cute but today it was like... better than ever lol

Tomorrow we're writing a biology test but I'm so exhausted it wouldn't be even worth it to try to study. Fuck biology, it sucks anyway.

CSI and Desperate Housewives today, hopefully I'll manage to stay awake for that long, eh.

Yes, I am aware this is totally pointless. And so what?

25 lovers

Sep. 10th, 2008 11:55 pm
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Okay, so I've decided to sign up for this awesome challenge community set up by [ profile] zimena : [ profile] 25_lovers 

I adore the whole idea <33 I'm gonna claim Chester Bennington of Linkin Park =)

So guys... Go there and do it! =)

01. Betrayal (Brad Delson)02. Tired (Joe Hahn) 03.04.05.
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Okay, so seeing as my net just won't behave, I have no other option but to write. Which is not that bad actually, as the deadline for the LP fic exchange is getting closer and I have virtually nothing. Well, almost.

The next part of the fic I wanna write requires dialogue, which I really suck at. I'll have to do it somehow though. But why I'm saying that, I've been going through my book of quotes (The Wit & Wisdom of Great Writers) and found this awesome one:

'I'm not too keen on characters taking over, they do as they are damn well told.'  Ian Banks

Well, I'd need an attitude like that right now=)

And this one really amused me:

'I am a drinker with a writing problem.' Brendan Behan

There are exactly 1359 qutes in that book so I might post some more in the future=)
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Just decided to make a random post.

Okay, so, I should really start writing the fic for the [profile] lpfic_exchange because the time goes by so fast! The few paragraphs I have suck beyond imagination and even though I have lots of ideas an actual plot is somehow still lacking... Guh. I'm really sorry for the person who'll probably read it (since they requested the prompt, duh) and for my lovely beta [profile] demetrelli.

Also, I've finally been to my doctor with the thyroid gland problems. Turns out I was there over a year ago the last time. Ahem. She said it wasn't that bad in this too sweet cheerful voice that made my teeth hurt. Then she started to list all the hormones and antibodies I lack/have too much of and sent me to blood tests. Again. So it means getting up early tomorrow. Again. Then she told me I was too fat. Well, duh. But my mother doesn't talk to me now. Because I'm too fat. Which I had been even before the doctor stated the obvious, really. Sometimes I don't get my mother *sigh*

Continuation of the health stuff (I really am sick too often, eh) I have these weird... things on my arm. They look like insect bites, only they're not. It started with one, now there're four and counting. Honestly, it looks kinda disgusting. Yesterday I met up with my best friend (she's leaving for Greece today *jealous*) and she was like, 'It's definitely something serious.' Well, I dunno. But it's definitely not getting better, quite the opposite. So I was thinking that if I'm going to a doctor tomorrow anyways (for the blood tests) I could kill two birds with one stone and go to a dermatologist too when I'm already there. I'll see.

On a happier note, here's my current fave song:
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So I'm eating cherries and trying to write a stupid fluff that also pretends to be funny. To take a break, I've decided to do the interests meme stolen from [personal profile] zimena

Comment on this post and I will choose seven interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Angst - I'm such an angst whore, really. People who know me must know that as well because I'm not trying to hide it or anything=) However, this applies usually just to writing because when I read some fic I prefer it to be fluff or to at least have a happy ending.

Bennoda - My fave slash pairing - Chester Bennington & Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.  The  best stories I've ever  read featured those two and they'll always have this special little place in my heart =) However, again, I don't write them much anymore.

English - I'm a language geek and English is by far my fave of them all. I mean, I'm learning only Spanish but there are more languages I like listening to or would love to learn them. But I've been studying English for probably 10 years now and I love it so much than my mother tongue.

Kay Burianek - <333 You might have read some ranting in here about one of my fave bands, Sunshine, and Kay is their lead singer (+ guitarist at times). His real name is Karel. Well, I've seen him a few times already in a concert and he's never disappointed=) But this doesn't tell you much so I'll provide some pics:

Linkin Park - Okay, so I guess this doesn't need any explaining. I'll just say <3333333333

Slash - You know, a male/male pairing in fan fiction. The only I write/read. Actually, I'm not against a well-written het at times but slash totally rulez my world =)

Writing - Yeah, I'm a pseudo writer lol Because my poor attempts at fan fiction can't be called writing, really. However, I enjoy it (at times) and that's what matters=)

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Regardless my current writer's block (yes, it still lasts) I've joined a [profile] 7_deadly_sins_ community. I've claimed Braz as a pairing (Brad/Chester of LP). There's some hoping it'll force me to write.

My table:

1. Greed. 2. Gluttony. 3. Wrath.
4. Sloth. 5. Envy. 6. Lust.
7. Pride.


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