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It's both hilarious and sad... <33

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Just decided to make a random post.

Okay, so, I should really start writing the fic for the [profile] lpfic_exchange because the time goes by so fast! The few paragraphs I have suck beyond imagination and even though I have lots of ideas an actual plot is somehow still lacking... Guh. I'm really sorry for the person who'll probably read it (since they requested the prompt, duh) and for my lovely beta [profile] demetrelli.

Also, I've finally been to my doctor with the thyroid gland problems. Turns out I was there over a year ago the last time. Ahem. She said it wasn't that bad in this too sweet cheerful voice that made my teeth hurt. Then she started to list all the hormones and antibodies I lack/have too much of and sent me to blood tests. Again. So it means getting up early tomorrow. Again. Then she told me I was too fat. Well, duh. But my mother doesn't talk to me now. Because I'm too fat. Which I had been even before the doctor stated the obvious, really. Sometimes I don't get my mother *sigh*

Continuation of the health stuff (I really am sick too often, eh) I have these weird... things on my arm. They look like insect bites, only they're not. It started with one, now there're four and counting. Honestly, it looks kinda disgusting. Yesterday I met up with my best friend (she's leaving for Greece today *jealous*) and she was like, 'It's definitely something serious.' Well, I dunno. But it's definitely not getting better, quite the opposite. So I was thinking that if I'm going to a doctor tomorrow anyways (for the blood tests) I could kill two birds with one stone and go to a dermatologist too when I'm already there. I'll see.

On a happier note, here's my current fave song:
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Okay, so the long anticipated Nick Cave concert post is here lol Sorry if I've made you expect something of this 'cause... it's gonna be random and interesting like only for me. Anyways, here it is=)
Rant )

Nick rant )

And here are some vids I took=) If nothing, then red Right Hand is really worth watching for the awesomely changed lyrics at one point=)

Okay, so that's it. Thanx for your attention=)
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Thank you LP for making a MTM video I actually really like <33

Now back to
Enlightenment in literature *sigh*
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Yesterday I was in Ostrava at a Watcha Clan concert. It was fucking amazing! They're a French band, not really well-known but they seem to like Czech (hehe) as this was the second time I saw them. It was really worth the money and the terrible way there and back with my friend's boyfriend driving us (at one point I really thought he was gonna kill us).

This video is from a festival I was at last year. The concert yesterday was in the same place=)

I got home like around 1am, which was pretty good considering I was supposed to go to school. But then I woke up with a terrible migraine so no school for me today. But to be honest I'd rather be studying than spend the whole night throwing up. Oh well.

Now there are some guys installing furniture in my mother's bedroom and 'cause she's had to go shopping or smt I'm alone with them. Needless to say it's beyond awkward.
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I'm slowly starting to get over my pride and stubbornness. I'm working on it, I swear.

Anyways, tonight I'm going to a concert of my best friend's fave singer. Well, I like her too ('cause how can you not, being dragged to like tenth concert now?) but nobody knows that (except for my best friend, duh). Her name's Bára Basiková (yay, same name as me=)) and normally she sings with her band, Precedens. But tonight it's gonna be a solo concert. Well, if I wasn't fucking ill/sick again I'd actually look forward to that. Dius (my best friends) wants to get drunk afterwards so I hope I won't end up with my head down the toilet when I get home, eh.

Because she's Czech, it's clear you don't know her (well, like 2 people on my f-list actually do!). So I'm posting a live & official vid of 2 songs by Precedens so you can have a look if you're curious. I guess you're not though.

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So I've been just telling Demetra (aka [profile] sadistic_bella ) how much this video sucked the other day but now I've watched it after some ridiculously long amount of time and realized I forgot I loved it hehe

It's by Sunshine, my favourite band along with LP <33 They're Czech but don't sound like that at all and their singer, Kay Burianek, just rocks my socks *flails*  Check out their MySpace or Youtube account if you feel like it =)

'Kay, so here's the vid

Kay in pink t-shirt FTW <33
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So finally I've managed to get the song, yay! Nick Cave's version of "In The Ghetto". It's fabulous, really=) I'm not keen on the original version so much but this one is awesome. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with my obsession with Nick!=)

Anyways, I've found even a video on youtube=) Nick is totally stoned in that but looks tremendously adorable! I must share it=)

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Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. I can't possibly get enough of this song/video. I'm officially addicted. Yes, I'm talking about "henry Lee" by Nick Cave & P.J. Harvey. The song is so fucking awesome! And the video... They both look so natural and so... in love=) Shame they didn't stay together.

I've discovered my liking for Nick Cave's music only recently (I love his book, for a long time now) so I'm still in state of shock=) It's quite probable I'll mention him here once or twice... a day lol

OK, enough talking, on with the song.

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This is my favorite singer in a movie! I know it's not long, but Chaz's "pharmacy dude" is cool:)  I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard  it's worth seeing and not only because of Chaz *wink*


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