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Apr. 10th, 2009 10:39 pm
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So finally I went shopping with my father and bought my belated b-day present. Yep, a new camera=) The old one usually dies after taking like 5 pics, meh. Anyways, clearly, what else to do with it but take pics? lol

Random. Maybe even scary. So beware.  )

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I've been extremely bored this morning so I've taken a few random pics. Of our Christmas tree and my room mostly. Random. Really. And beware, my table is a mess.

Pics (nothing special though, so don't get your hopes up) )

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I realize it's taken me a bit too long but here I am bringing the long anticipated pics from my trip to Bradford. Or something. I could rant for hours here, about all the girls, the kids, my boyfriend (lmao), the city etc etc but that'd just bore you to death so I'll better stop typing up this nonsense and show you the pics. If you're not interested just skip this, I wouldn't blame you, really, as this isn't as exciting as I'm making it sound. Whatever.

Pics! Finally? )

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So I went for the blood tests today. The nurse was slightly unhinged but mostly it was okay. I have no clue when or who will get the results, but I don't really care that much. Then I decided to go the dermatologist and I'm glad I did... She gave me antibiotics for the thingies on my arm, some bacterial infection or what. Then I showed her my feet and she was like 'this is gonna be difficult...' Oh the luck of  having atopic dermatitis and warts on your foot. So she prescribed me like gazillion different creams and shit like that which cost a small fortune (the antibiotics were more expensive than all the other stuff combined though) and I'm supposed to be going there like every month preferably for some warts treatment. Oh well.

Also, I should write. Like, really.

And, I promised (kinda)
[profile] demetrelli
 that I'd put up some poems from the book by Tim Burton I bought in England. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories

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So finally, I have a few pics from the festival I've been to. Nothing mind blowing or anything lol Random, really.

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As I've mentioned in the previous post, I was at a music festival a few days ago. And there I bought the coolest badge ever. I mean, I love it lmao Well, enough rambling, you need to see a pic to appreciate the awesomeness:

lmao  )

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Okay, so the long anticipated Nick Cave concert post is here lol Sorry if I've made you expect something of this 'cause... it's gonna be random and interesting like only for me. Anyways, here it is=)
Rant )

Nick rant )

And here are some vids I took=) If nothing, then red Right Hand is really worth watching for the awesomely changed lyrics at one point=)

Okay, so that's it. Thanx for your attention=)
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Long story short, I was in Prague yesterday, the capital, to see a musical. It was based on a novel by Alexander Dumas jr. 'The Lady of the Camellias'. My friend's fave singer (Bára Basiková, mentioned a couple posts back) was singing the lead role so we like had to see that lol It was incredible though, I didn't expect it to be *that* good.

Anyways, my friend took some pics of Prague and such and I was literally forced by
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 to post them here (the name fits, right? she can be sadistic at times haha). So here you are, hun. Others? Don't look behind the cut lol

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So I've followed the example of [personal profile] seether_79 and made a few Fight Club icons. I know they all suck. But if you still wanna steal some please ask me first as I wanna probably use some of them and haven't decided which yet.

And I can't be bothered to use one of the fancy icon tables, sorry=))


icons )

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First of all, I need to whine a bit. I've had a writer's block for a few weeks now and it's starting to get really annoying. I desperately want to write but cannot *sigh* But I'd like to thank all the people putting up with me when I ramble about it, you know who you are <33

Well, today I've woken up a bit earlier and have been bored so I've taken a few lame pics of the mess in here lol Don't expect anything exciting really, just a few minutes of boredom=) Maybe you should rather leave lol

pics )

FTW <3

Dec. 4th, 2007 05:28 pm
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I've been shopping for Christmas presents today and sure enough I haven't bought anything. But I've met up with my mother to finally buy some winter boots for me 'cause up to now I've been wearing just sneakers lol And she's literally forced me to buy those: 

Erm, yeah. They're not the most comfortable but I'll have to get used to it lol


Nov. 11th, 2007 02:45 pm
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It's beginning of November and it's snowing already! I mean, it's kinda unusual in here lol

I've almost frozen my ass off, taking those pics only in my PJs, so you'd better appreciate them lol

ignore the awful remains of the communistic era, it's snooow!

one more! )

I'm soo happy!=) 'cause last year there was almost none... Well, but that doesn't mean it won't melt in a few hours, but hey, at least something.


Nov. 2nd, 2007 08:45 pm
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Clearly, I'm bored to the point of insanity, doing this.


Aug. 20th, 2007 12:33 am
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Like a week ago I returned from London. I was there with my friend and it was utterly awesome, I just love the city!!! Okay, it's kinda late and I'm too tired to write something so I'll rather post some pics=)

  I'm sure everyone recognizes Tower Bridge. Rest under the cut=)

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Today I was having a rather serious discussion with my mother. It was about our dog, mostly about his well-being. He's been sick all his life, which means 5 years now, but recently it got really bad with him. I won't go into details about what's wrong with him, but he can hardly walk anymore, his kidneys aren't functioning properly etc. So we kinda decided to let him go. Preferably this weekend. And then bury him at our friend's cottage in mountains.

My mum was crying all the time we were speaking but somehow I don't feel sad or anything. It's rather strange 'cause I've been so depressed when my hamster died and now we're speaking about literally killing our dog, who's lying beside my feet by the way, and I don't feel anything. We've all known it'd have to come one day but none of us thought it'd be so soon. I guess it'll dawn on me once he's no longer here but now I'm just feeling nothing.

Well, so it's him, our RON.

You can tell I'm a Harry Potter fan=)

Well, nothing's definite yet, but I think I should be prepared to say goodbye to him.



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