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That happens when you stay home from school and read what happened in the epi BEFORE smb uploaded it. I don't think I can wait 'till the afternoon, let alone study lol

Oh well. Addicts have a difficult life.

EDIT: Okay, I've seen it now. And it was pretty awesome. But 2 weeks till the next one, I'm not sure I can wait that long!

Anyways, back to history. 'Cause, the exam's tomorrow. And I don't remember anything, oops.

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Well, the long-anticipated House epi was rather anti-climatic, hm. For me at least. That happens when you expect too much I guess.

Also, I'm not dead. Just didn't feel like whining in here, although I'd have a lot to whine about. But to try to justify my lack of updating, I'm trying to study for my written final exam from history, which is on the 15th April, and therefore I'm aiming to cut down on my online time. Those who have me added on msn probably know how well it's working *facepalm* I'm currently somewhere in the 1850s so there's a long way to go to the 2000s, including two world wars and so much other shit. I'd better stop now and go studyyy, meh.

Also, I got my period after just 14 days today and generally feel like shit. I hate doctors, so I hope nothing else happens *sigh*

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I've seen it like an hour ago and I'm gonna watch it again today I guess. It's like the writers started to read fan fiction or smt lol

Other than that, nothing new here.

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So me being the addict that I am, I had to watch the House/Cuddy kiss from the last night's episode of House. Before that I'd read some comments in a House/Wilson community and everyone there was like 'omg awkward!!11!1!' or 'I cringed!' so I was kinda scpetic at first... but I liked it=) Dunno what everybody's talking about.

Anyways, the last day of holidays today *sniff* Of course, I left all the homework till today so... yay? =/  But now I'm going to the dentist again to have the stiches removed. I'm kinda apprehinsive about that 'cause I don't like the doctor at all. He was totally hitting on my mother the last time and was kinda making fun of me. And then I heard from my mother's friend that he was beating up his wife and then his girlfriend too. He's around 60 by the way. I know this has nothing to do with the stiches in my mouth but I just don't feel comfortable around him *sigh*

Oh and I need a new keyborad. Like 5 letters on my current one are completely wiped away so it takes ages at times to find the one I want *facepalm*


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