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I realize it's taken me a bit too long but here I am bringing the long anticipated pics from my trip to Bradford. Or something. I could rant for hours here, about all the girls, the kids, my boyfriend (lmao), the city etc etc but that'd just bore you to death so I'll better stop typing up this nonsense and show you the pics. If you're not interested just skip this, I wouldn't blame you, really, as this isn't as exciting as I'm making it sound. Whatever.

Pics! Finally? )


Aug. 2nd, 2008 10:06 pm
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So, tonight's my last night here=/// I don't want to leave. I love everybody here so much and I'll miss them like crazy. Today morning the American girl and one of the German girls left and I cried for ages, it was so sad! I can't imagine leaving tomorrow...:( Today I spent with Mai, the Japanese girl, and it was great. I really love her, she's awesome.

Oh God, I need to stop or I'll get like really depressed.

I'll be home on Sunday so probably talk to you on Monday.


Jul. 25th, 2008 07:25 pm
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Yesterday I didn't have time to get on the net so I have a lot to write about today. Let's see how it turns out lol

As I said in the previous post, we were in Brunswick yesterday. I didn't really like the place that much but that's probably my personal opinion. Anyways, Inga and I were working with two autistic girls and the staff members left us completely alone so it was just the four of us. Mostly it was fine, the girls were building with bricks and painting but then I leaned against the table and Charlotte started to paint on my hands. I didn't mind that much but then she got up and was spilling the paints everywhere so I told her to stop. At that point though she got really agressive and started scratching my arms, biting my fingers and pulling my hair. It wasn't funny at all and Inga was just standing there and watching lol In the end I managed to get her off me but now I look like I fell through a window or smt as my hands are full of cuts and bruises. Oh well. But mostly the day was okay.

Today I was at the Prism Project. I was assigned to two brothers, but they were really nice and calm so I didn't have to do much. However, the Dominic guy was there again even though he was supposed to be at Richard Dunn's. Well, he kept calling me his 'special lady' and even made a badge for me. However, at one point in the bouncing castle he started tickling me, which was okay at first, but then tickling changed into grabbing and that wasn't okay anymore. I'm sure it was innocent from his part but it certainly didn't look like that to an outside observer. I hope he'll forget about me during the weekend but if not I'll have to be more careful with him...

Now we're about to go out to some pub or club or smt but I don't really feel like going... I'm so fucking exhausted!! Seriously, I admire people who work with kids...

And sorry to everyone who read the unedited post, I had had to leave unexpectedly..

'Kay, talk to you all later probably.
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Today was a quiet day. I had to look after a boy who loved to play video games so I didn't have much to do. He was Arabic, I guess, and his name was Adeeb. But for some reason I coudn't remember it and kept calling him Abdul... It was kinda embarrassing, ahem. Still, I'm really tired, dunno why actually. Then there was this other boy, Dominic, and I guess he really liked me as he kept caling me 'speacial' and told me I was beautiful several times. It was really awkward and I didn't like the way the other staff members were looking at me.. He told me he was gonna be in Richard Dunn's centre on Friday so I won't go there and choose another place to go instead.. Yeah, I'm a coward...

But I had a nice chat with this hot black guy, one of the staff members. He seemed to be interested in the Czech Republic a lot so I had an excuse to stare at him while answering his questions lol Also, the American girl in here, Adrianne, probably thinks I'm stalking her lol Because we usually choose to go to the same places at the same time... As in bathroom, kitchen, our room.. She's checking her email on another comp in this room too... It's not intentional but she's starting to look at me in a strange way.. I guess I'll avoid her for a day or two lol

Tomorrow I'm going to Brunswick centre with Inga, she's from Germany. It's gonna be just the 2 of us there and the rest is going somewhere else. In Brunswick there are children with more severe disabilities so there are only like 6 or 7 of them usually, as opposed to other centres where can be like 20 kids, so that's why they need just two volunteers a day. Also, I was discussing Germany, communism and Marx with Inga yesterday in the showers till like 1am. We were both like half naked and talking about Adolf Hitler, WWII, Berlin wall, Marx's theories, situation in Czech in the 60s and 70s and so on. It was rather bizarre but interesting lol

'Kay, I guess I'll go have a cold shower since the hot water has been used up already...
So take care all of you and have fun=)


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