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I'm not dead yet.

I sat the history final on Wednesday and it was much more difficult than I'd expected. Or at least the multiple choice part. I mean, questions like "What was the religion in the Mogul empire in India?" or "Who moved the Pope from Avignon back to Rome?" or "How many days lasted the Berlin Airlift?" just weren't cool. It felt like a guessing game. I know about at least 6 mistakes so far (there were 40 multiple questions) and there's surely more. Then, for the source work, I chose the documents about Cuban missile crisis. It was either that or the Munich agreement from 1938, but that was too related to the Czech Republic that I felt I should know more about it lol The essay topics were terrible as usually so I wrote 'The Treaty of Versailles was the principle cause of Hitler's rise to power' and I basically made Hitler a nice, caring man lmao I mean, they could use the essay for Nazi propaganda right away *facepalm* Oh well.

And today I sat my first university entrance exam. In Prague at 8.30am so we went there yesterday with my mother. It wasn't as difficult as I'd expected this time. It was an English text (about Jihad) and we had to translate it to Czech with the use of a dictionary. However, I wouldn't want to go to this school so I don't particularly care if I'm accepted or not.

Now I'm gonna catch up on House fics lol
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