Jan. 9th, 2009

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So today's my best friend's prom (or not really a prom, rather only a graduating ball but everyone understands, right?). Anyways, today's hers and tomorrow's mine. And I'm going to both. And don't feel like going to either. Oh well. But then again I promised her I'd be there today and it actually seems like she wants me to be there so even though I won't know that many people I'll try to get over it for my bff =) And tomorrow everyone's gonna get drunk and I've no idea what it'll be like but hopefully it'll turn out okay.

I'll be actually wearing a dress tomorrow. I look like an idiot in it, I'm too fat to wear a dress but it's a kind of an unwritten rule for these things so I don't wanna stand out. Most of the girls in my class are asking each other all the time 'what dress are you gonna wear?', what colour?', long or short?', but somehow I'm usually not a part of such discussions. Usually. Anyways, that's probably the only positive thing about this, the dress-stuff will stop lol     

And my mother managed to piss me off once again. She told me something along the lines of "imagine you're showing the pics from the ball to your kids and telling them: "Look how fat I was at that ball," hahaha." Apparently it's really funny but if the comments don't stop I'm gonna snap and then it won't be funny anymore. Grrrr.

Anyways, if I'm not around much this weekend I'm probably sleeping off the hangover. I'm not planning to get drunk too much but one never knows.


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